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Relation ID: 1430851, Relation Name: Ylikiiminki - Pudasjärvi, Relation Type: route, Length in KM: 88.554

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Way distribution

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red = major roads, blue = rural roads, brown = tracks, green = footways and cycleways, gray = unknown


Graph 1 (Length in KM: 88.554)

End Node Id: 311162609

Closest Nodes (in KM): 1136909282 [JOSM Potlatch] (1.832) 1133920007 [JOSM Potlatch] (55.056)

End Node Id: 1136909282

Closest Nodes (in KM): 311162609 [JOSM Potlatch] (1.832) 1133920007 [JOSM Potlatch] (53.430)

End Node Id: 1133920007

Closest Nodes (in KM): 1136909282 [JOSM Potlatch] (53.430) 311162609 [JOSM Potlatch] (55.056)